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Anonymous asked
would to both have a 3some with an older guy ??

Paige said for $500 an hour, unless he cums early then thats $500, My price is a lot higher:p so looks like the older man would lose a fortune on us^^


Messing about pre bath selfies.

Also gratuitous butt shot, as butts are awesome, even if I can’t compete with irias-mind in the totally amazing knickers and butt department… I can only aspire to such butt greatness :)

Aside from the things that make my dysphoric, I am quite proud of the way I’ve kinda made my body my own… And it looks kinda feminine in the right light… So yay me

hush, you have an amazing butt:D and such cite knickers!:D

The cat is trying to interrupt my taco time!

Anonymous asked
How do you get your skin to look so pale? Is it naturally like that or do you use cosmetics or lightening products?

its naturally like that. :3 also keep in mind that Im allergic to direct sunlight and break out in hives if I stay a few minutes in it, so I always keep out of the sun^^


Kyary wearing a dress from the DARIO 2014 S/S collection! Available at WALL Harajuku.


OMG I just watched House 2 with Iria and it was so bad that I feel like a little part of me died.

I remember a time before House 2. Children played in the park, strangers would greet each-other hello… people just seemed to smile more back then.

as someone who’s into horror its a must see! anyways the parts were john ratzenberger came out were fun:D