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hey there do u snapchat at all? x

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are we snapchatting?

jackarrington said: You’re so cute!! Although I am always slightly distracted by the amazing gir tattoo. :>

aww thank you:D gir is always just so bold in my selfies ever since i finished him^^

the floor boards in our home are so shiny, they are like spot lights at times


Having a bad hair/ face/ everything day. But at least my outfit looks cute

Crossing the Bodyline: Making an Angelic Pretty replica from a Bodyline Dress


First off, I made this replica for myself, and not for anyone else. I did this because I loved the way Twinkle Carnival looked, and I am more crafty than I am loaded with money. If anything, think of this as a tribute dress!


I began my project by asking for the Bodyline Dress L329 in white for Christmas:


The rest of my materials consisted of:

  • Gold tulle (I didn’t end up using this because it looks thin and not the right color.)
  • Gold screen printing ink
  • My screen printing kit
  • New emulsion for Christmas
  • White thread
  • Beige ribbon
  • My sewing and graphics skills

After I collected all of these things, I went on the internet and looked for the best picture possible that showed the dress print. After a lot of tweaking, altering, and tracing, I managed to recreate the print as close as possible to the original.
Just a heads up, screen printing this was a NIGHTMARE. No pun intended. If it wasn’t for the fact that this whole project cost me under $50, I would have seriously considered trying to just buy the original.

What I did:

First I cut off all of the bows. Even though it’s just a Bodyline dress, I still didn’t like the feeling of cutting up such a detailed and lovely dress! >,<


Then I had to detach the lace, which meant detaching the whole bottom tiered layer because they were invisible stitched together.


This is what it looked like before I could start screen printing:


After I made my screen design and burned it onto the screen, I did a tester screen print to make sure I didn’t need to thin out the golden fabric paint or anything like that. I took an old white v-neck I had laying around and tried it out.

I have it stretched over a piece of poster board. Anyways, the print came out pretty good! So I moved on to the hard part, printing on the dress.

I started on the back just in case I made any big mistakes.image

So basically I laid out each section, put some poster board underneath it, and screen print two ponies at a time for 6 sides. It was kind of like magic laying the screen down and then lifting it up to see a glittery set of ponies on the dress afterwards! Sometimes, the whole image wouldn’t come out and I had to touch it up with some fabric paint afterwards.

Only ONE pony came out REALLY bad. When I had lifted the screen the whole pony’s head was just a blob of gold fabric ink. Luckily it was still wet, so I dabbed at the spot with warm water and a little detergent until I got most of the messed up area out. Meanwhile I got a few more globs of dried emulsion on the dress somehow….The bad luck of working with a WHITE dress. I managed to get that out as well.

But I noticed a new stain that was not my fault. Some of the water got on the pink sparkly BODYLINE tag on the inside of the dress, and it made a yellow spot. I cut out the tag immediately when I noticed this! A WARNING TO ALL LOLITAS WHO BUY WHITE BODYLINE DRESSES WITH PINK TAGS It will leave a yellow stain if it gets wet!

My last few steps consisted of taking the bottom tiered layer and soaking it in a water and gold fabric paint mixture, then throwing it int he dryer. It was a risky step, but I am happy with the results. It looks beige in the picture, but it is actually covered in golden sparkles!:


After that, I made an under layer out of some sheer polyester material and reattached it to the dress. I finished up the dress by attaching two of the small bows I originally took off onto the ties.

Here is the finished dress with my kitty at the bottom creepin.


A close up of my print recreation:



Here is the back:

Over all, I am happy with how this project turned out! :)
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Unless you want to have a bad morning, do NOT eat pizza topped with a bunch of jalapeños right before going to bed.

hush! jalapenos are amazing!! Im reheating the left overs as we speak and I added more jalapenos with crushed red peppers, served with a side of pickled whole jalapenos:p


ive really like this print for a while since i was a jumperskirt of someone im following im so happy i found out that its buy angelic pretty and it has this cute dress 0:


ive really like this print for a while since i was a jumperskirt of someone im following im so happy i found out that its buy angelic pretty and it has this cute dress 0: