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Well, you’re beautiful without it, and butt is getting all sorts of cute, not that it wasn’t before.

thank you:D its getting biggger and biggerr and tonight paige and I are having burritos from our favorite Mexican place:D

Butt is looking good today:D also frumpy day, so no makeup

cherry-stars-collide asked
there's a Serial Experiments Lain patch on your crust skirt? you're the best

Yep:3 It came off my old Lain backpack:D 

Ok everyone its dino time, also when they say football, are they talking about American or rest of the world football?:p

almost done with my crust skirt repairs:p It may not look it but I took most of the patches off and reworked the skirt and put most of the patches back on:p I just need to put a few more patches on it and I’ll be done:p

Fixing my crust skirt since my butt has gotten so big it won’t fit in it:p

Fixing my crust skirt since my butt has gotten so big it won’t fit in it:p


so fallon won the shit out of her fight last night, knocking her transmisogynist opponent out within two minutes and seventeen seconds of the first round.  one of her supporters describes the fight :

We were literally surrounded by brents fans (her hometown) and they were brutal. Booed Fallon, yelled ‘dude looks like a lady’ laughed threw the t slur. There were people who cheered for fallon, but we were def outnumbered. I was standing on chair holding trans flag”

“The crowd was really loud as the fight began. Fallon came out fast throwing punches. Brents fans were foaming at the mouth practically. Lots more transphobic comments and Fallon just kept working on brents got her on the ground on her back and just unleashed on her. The crowd started getting a little quieter with every punch. Our voices got louder! Brents fans started staring at us, a few nasty comments. And then it was over! Fallon pounded her out! Her fans were pretty upset. Booed Fallon, alot. But they were definitely much quieter after that.

fuck.  yeah.









im gonna puke

I counted 9 various “go away”s, but he wouldn’t flipping STOP.

I love how he thinks offering a pile of trash (that is, himself) that he knows is unwanted counts as “generosity”.

- Mod D.

"don’t be a slut"

"have sex with me"


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I blame genetics, HRT, my diet of tacos, and working out:p

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Big beautiful ass. I think this is what they call heaven :3

heaven’s gate;P

Anonymous asked
if your booty continues to grow at this rate it will have its own satellites within 6 months

thats the plan;P also my boobs have been growing, so as of right now Im a solid B cup:p